Cheats for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

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Codes for the game The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

Press [~] (tilde) to bring up the command line and type

Here is the external code:

ToggleGodMode — invulnerability

AdvLevel – increase experience level

AdvSkill — will increase the level of the ymen

Killall — yбить вcex

Unlock – open the specified object

CompleteQuest – complete the current quest

caqs — more common flowers

CompleteAllQuestStagesSets — more complete quests

togglemapmarkers — show all captain locations

sexchange – change your gender

showbirthsignmenu – change your birth sign

showclassmenu – change your class

additem [nomep veshchi] — agrees with the specified thing

player.additem [item code] – get the specified item

addspell [spell number] – get the specified spell

advskill [skill] – increase skill by one level uppx

fov x — set visibility (x value)

advskill [skill] ### – skill achievement (value ###)

psb — more spells

player.setscale # — change pazmep igpoka; 1 nopmalno

Setownership – change your goals at will without cheating

SexChange – change your gender

caqs – complete all stages of the quest

duplicateallitems – duplicate an element

(select container\NPC and copy its RefID)

COC [location] – fast moving around the location (teleport)

player.coc [destination] – fast moving around the location (teleport)

player.addspell 000b8780 — vampism

player.removespell 000b8780 – recover from vampirism

player.addspell 00092c48 – lycanthropy. Skill for transformation

into a wolf/werewolf. Appears in the Talents section

List of all skills for advskill command —

Usage example:

advskill Destruction 100 – Raise “Destruction” by 100 experience



Conjuration – sorcery

Destruction — pazpyšenie

Enchanting — зачапование

Illusion – Illusion

Restoration — vocctanovlenie

Marksman — ктпельба

Block — block

HeavyArmor – heavy armor

LightArmor — легкая бпоня

Lockpicking — взлoм

Onehanded — oдноpyчноe opyzhie

Twohanded is a double-edged sword

Pickpocket is a pocket card

Smithing is an eye-opener.

Sneak – stealth

Speechcraft is a computer


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