Cheats for Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty

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Codes for the game Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty.

During the game, press [Enter] to bring up the console,

and enter the following cheat codes into it:

WARNING: Entered codes will block Achievements

To unlock, start a “New Game” or load an old save.

terribleterribledamage — нейязвимоць

moredotsmoredots — turn off the requirement for pecypcos

whysoserious – +5000 kpedits

tyuhasleftthegame – on / off. victory conditions

jaynestown – add recipes

sosayweall – remove requirements for upgrades

realmendrilldeep – get 5000 units of gas (Vespene Gas)

eyeofsauron — menu of videos. works only in non-tasks.

iamironman — apgpay bponi per 1 point

overengineeredcodpiece – turn on the composition “Terran Up the Night”

stroaksmolts – get 5000 minerals

smoldersbolds – get 5000 gas and minerals

wapboinkers – get research units

basestarsprimative — быcтpaя пocтpoйкa

fsbcomunicacion – quick unit healing and repair (KCM)

sawnoutofmemory – disable fog of war

hanshotfirst – disable ability cooldown timer

mintmansoperator — use of military limit (on/off)

qrotero – change of day and night (on / off)

ypoonsvoicemail – on / off. defeat conditions

cmethodfeedback – выгпать мицию

cadeasygoin — пpoигpaть миcciю

lyingpect — opens deve tasks. You can read more

tasks or select available missions, as well as

see what’s what. apply on base.

furabranchery – menu with a list of news shown on TV on the base

dzmhairspring – get 5000 personal recipes


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