Cheats for Quake 3 Arena

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Cheats for Quake 3 Arena that give advantages in the game

To open access to all levels with Skill 1, type in the console:


To open access to all levels with Skill 100, type in the console:


During the game, call the console and enter the codes:

/god – god mode

/give all – Gives all weapons and a grappling hook

/give health – gives health

/give armor – gives armor

/give quad damage – дает Quad Damage

/give personal teleporter – дает Personal Teleporter

/give gauntlet – дает Gauntlet

/give machinegun – Gives a Machinegun

/give shotgun – дает Shotgun

/give granade launcher – Gives a Granade Launcher

/give rocket launcher – дает Rocket Launcher

/give lightning gun – дает Lightning Gun

/give railgun – gives a railgun

/give plasma gun – дает Plasma Gun

/give bfg10k – gives BFG10K

/give grappling hook – дает Grappling Hook

/give ammo – gives all ammo

Have fun playing Quake 3 Arena!



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