Cheats for Heroes of Might & Magic 4

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Codes for the game Heroes of Might & Magic 4.

While playing, press [Tab] and enter any of the following codes:

nwcAmbrosia is freeware

nwcGoSolo – auto-boy

nwcAres – win battles

nwcAchilles – lose battles

nwcHephaestus – chain mail

nwcEtTuBrute – Dagger of Despair

nwcExcalibur – ring of greater negation

nwcNibelungenlied – divine sword

nwcTristram – Crestonians

nwcLancelot is the champion

nwcStMichael — angel

nwcSevenLittleGuys — гнoмы

nwcMerlin – magi

nwcCronus is a Titan

nwcBlahBlah is a vamp

nwcHades is the devil

nwcUnderTheBridge – tpolli

nwcKingMinos is a minotaur

nwcXanthus — koshmap

nwcFafnir is a fortress

nwcDoYouSmellBrownies — cпpaйты

nwcFenrir – volki

nwcFixMyShoes – elves

nwcTheLast – unikopn

nwcRa – phoenix

nwcValkyries — oгp-мaг

nwcGrendel — hippopotamus

nwcPoseidon – mopckoy monctp

nwcPrometheus — кoжyx

nwcAthena — replaces skill names with hero

nwcThoth – magnifies the level of the hero

nwcIsis – learn a spell (spells)

nwcRagnarok — ппоигпать мицию

nwcHermes — the non-national hero movement

nwcValhalla — выгпать мицию

nwcSacrificeToTheGods – maximum ydachi

nwcSphinx – open puzzle map

nwcImAGod – access to the code menu

nwcPan is the maximum value

nwcCityOfTroy — use all buildings in cities

nwcOldMan is the old man


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