Cheat Codes for Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection

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Cheat codes for Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection that give advantages in the game

Extra money:

Open zoo.ini located in the game folder.

using notepad or another text editor.

Find the line “MSMAXCASH” Change the adjacent number,

for what you want. This will be the maximum amount of money

when you start the game in sandbox mode.

If you have one of the BETA versions, press [Ctrl] + [D]

and you will have access to the developer mode (debug mode).

This will allow you to move the menagerie entrances and fences, you can

add any buildings (secret), and even add vehicles

funds. Works only with BETA version.

Disappearing Trees or Grid:

By pressing [Ctrl] + [F] you can make all the trees in your

menagerie “invisible”. Press [Ctrl] + [F] to force

them to reappear. By pressing [Ctrl] + [G] you can force

the main grid of the menagerie will appear.

Triceratops opening:

Name one of your exhibitions Cretaceous Corral

Yellow brick road:

Make an exhibition with a lion, a tiger and a bear.

Name the exhibition with one of these names:

(be aware that the game may freeze)

Microsoft – double donations

Blue Fang – visitors pay double for rides

Wonderland – there are a lot more visitors

Xanadu – Unlocked Unicorn

Rename the guest to any of these names:

John Wheeler – all animals become available

Akiyama – all scenarios completed

Dr Dolittle – Animals breed a lot more often

Alfred H – birds scare guests

Mr. Pink – all in pink shirts

Mr. Blue – all in blue shirts

Mr. Brown – all in brown shirts

Mr. Orange – all in orange shirts

Mr. White – all in white shirts

Mr. Blonde – all in yellow shirts

Bill Gates – a lot of money is donated to you

Adam Levesque – All Animals Get Protected

Bill Clinton – huge demand for hamburgers

Russell – deteriorating fences

Zeta Psi – visitors start to feel sick

Hank Howie – Automatically researches all state research

Andrew Binder – unlocks all barnyards

Lou Catanzaro – unlocks all animal toys

Charlie Peterson – Unlocks all vegetation

Steve Serafino – Unlocks Endangered Animals

Have fun playing Zoo Tycoon: Complete Collection!


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