Cheat codes for Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne

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Cheat codes for Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne, which give advantages in the game

Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne

Press [Enter] while playing. Then enter the following cheat codes:

WarpTen – acceleration of the creation of units and buildings

IocainePowder – quick death

WhosYourDaddy – invulnerability

KeyserSoze [amount] – get the specified amount of gold

LeafitToMe [amount] – get the specified amount of wood

GreedIsGood [amount] – get the specified amount of gold

PointBreak – disable food limit

ThereIsNoSpoon – infinite mana

StrengthAndHonor – No defeat

Motherland [race] level] – next level

SomebodySetUpUsThBomb – lose

AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs – win

WhoIsJohnGalt – activate research

SharpAndShiny – improve research

IseeDeadPeople – disable fog of war

Synergy – disable tree type research

RiseAndShine – set sunrise time

LightsOut – set sunset time

TheDudeAbides – quick cooldown

whosyourdaddy-One – One hit kill and infinite HP

strengthandhonor – keep playing after losing in Campaign mode

greedisgood 10000 – get 10000 gold and wood

keysersoze 1000 – get 1000 gold

leafittome 100 – get 100 wood

daylightsavings 18:00 – set the time to 18:00

itvexesme – disable win conditions

Greedisgood 999999 – set the amount of all resources to 999999

Iseedeadpeople – show full map

Have fun playing Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne!

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