Cheat Codes for Redneck Rampage

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Cheat codes for Redneck Rampage that give advantages in the game

Enter these codes right during the game:

redall – Get everything (klbchi, full health, etc.)

redbeta – Message “Eat me!”

redclip – Wall pass mode

reddebug – Debug mode

redelvis – Immortality

redfuckngo### – Go to level (# = Episode ## = Level )

redguns – All weapons

redhounddog – Immortality

redinventory – Full inventory

reditems – All items

redkeys – All keys

redmaxx – Сообщение “Maxx rules”

redmonsters – Turn off monsters

redmoonshine – Enable “XXX Moonshine” mode

redrafael – Message “For your grandpa!”

redrate – Show frames per second

redshowmap – Full map

redskill# – Change difficulty level (from 1 to 4)

redunlock – All locks are open

redview – Appearance on the hero (Identical to pressing F7)

redyerat – Another debug mode

Have fun playing Redneck Rampage!


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