Cheat codes for NHL ’99

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Cheat codes for NHL ’99 that give advantages in the game

You can create a player with maximum characteristics. To do this, the menu

to create a player, you need to type one of the given names and click Check in response

to a message about the presence of such a player in the database. Here are the names:

Dave Warfield, Funky Swadling

Cory Yip, Bryce Cochrane

John Rix, Jeff Dyck

Trent Shumay, Jeff Mair

Paul Martin, Andy Harris

Chris Deas, Lance Wall

Mark Lesser, Hong Chin

Trent Shumay, Bruce McMillan

The following codes must be dialed during the game:

MANTIS – elongated arms and legs;

NHLKIDS – shortened arms and legs;

HOMEGOAL – a goal in favor of the host team;

AWAYGOAL – a goal in favor of the guests;

PENALTY – violation;

INJURY – bummer of legs and arms;

ZAMBO – zamboni (cleaning machine) on ice. The only pity is that the car



VICTORY – salute in the stands;

FLASH – camera flashes;

SPOTS – turns on spotlights before the game;

CHECK – all players automatically crash each other on the ice at the slightest


GRAB – same as CHECK, but this time there will be a stick delay.

After a goal is scored, you can choose what the jubilant man will shout.

To do this, press button 4. Press it until the player screams like this,

How do you like. After that, hold down the button for a continuous delight.

Finally, in the main menu, click on EXIT, select credits (Credits) and Programming,

after which you can dial the following codes:

warp9 – significantly speed up the game;

eaonline – allows you to play via the Internet (!);

headbone – large heads;

buffed – big players;

1999 – video, which in theory can be seen by winning the Stanley Cup;

quicker – all players become faster;

nobody – empty stands;

gulliver – very tall goalkeepers;

crankit – allows you to select any resolution on 3D maps.

Have fun playing NHL ’99!

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