Cheat codes for Knights and Merchants

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Cheat codes for Knights and Merchants that give advantages in the game

To turn on the cheat mode, you need to perform the following fraud: by opening the window

inventory (Storage House), poke alternately in the following items (in squares

a red triangle will appear to indicate selection):

Row 1 item 3 (Wooden Boards)

Row 2 Item 2 (Iron Bars)

Row 2 Item 4 (Wine Casks)

Row 3, Item 1 (Bread)

Row 3, Item 5 (Cooked Meat)

Row 4 Item 1 (Animal Hide)

Row 4, Item 5 (Plate Mail)

Row 5 Item 1 (Hand Axes)

Row 5 Item 2 (Swords)

Row 5 Item 3 (Lances)

Row 5 Item 4 (Pikes)

Row 5 Item 5 (Long Bows)

After this, you can poke at Crossbows (Row 6, item 1) in order to increase supplies

all materials by 10, or in Horses (row 6, item 2) to complete the current


Have fun playing Knights and Merchants!


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