Cheat codes for Heroes of Might & Magic 4: Winds of War

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Heroes of Might & Magic 4: Winds of War cheat codes that give advantages in the game


Click on TAB, enter the code and press Enter

Code Description


nwcValhalla – Win Scenario

nwcRagnarok – play scenario

nwcGoSolo – the computer plays with itself (it also walks for you)

nwcPrometheus – open the whole map and remove the “fog of war”

nwcSphinx – open the Puzzle Map (before that you need to visit at least one


nwcAmbrosia – Gives +200,000 gold and +300 each other resource

nwcHermes – Gives the selected army unlimited map movement

for 1 turn

nwcExcalibur – takes a screenshot of the ENTIRE map and saves it in a directory

Heroes IV named entire_map.bmp


Codes for pumping the hero (the hero must be in the 1st slot of the selected



nwcAthena – you can choose any skill of any level for the hero

nwcThoth – increase the level of the hero

nwcIsis – learn all available skills (the hero must have

corresponding magic skill of the required level)


Artifacts for the hero (received by the hero leader of the specified army)


nwcEtTuBrute – Gives Tynan’s Dagger of Despair

nwcNibelungenlied – Gives a Ring of Great Negation artifact


Adds +5 monsters to the selected army (there must be a free slot or

slot with the same monsters)


nwcTristram – crusaders

nwcLancelot – champions

nwcStMichael – angels

nwcSevenLittleGuys – dwarves

nwcMerlin – magi

nwcCronus – titans

nwcBlahBlah – vampires

nwcHades – devils

nwcUnderTheBridge – trolls

nwcKingMinos – minotaur

nwcXanthus – nightmares

nwcFafnir – black_dragons

nwcDoYouSmellBrownies – sprites

nwcFenrir – wolves

nwcFixMyShoes – elves

nwcTheLast – unicorn

nwcRa – phoenix

nwcValkyries – ogre_magi

nwcGrendel – behemoth

nwcPoseidon – sea_monster


Introduced on the battle screen


nwcAres – win the battle

nwcAchilles – Lose a battle

nwcOldMan – Turns the selected hero into an old man, reducing the movement range

at -4


Entered on city screen


nwcCityOfTroy – make all buildings in the city



Other codes didn’t work:

nwcSacrificeToTheGods – max_luck

nwcAphrodite – tatooed_white_trash

nwcImAGod – access_cheat_menu

nwcPan – max_morale

nwcHephaestus – elven_chainmail

nwcHephaestus worked very strangely: he suggested choosing a new scenario.

Have fun playing Heroes of Might & Magic 4: Winds of War


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