Cheat codes for Dungeon Keeper 2

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Dungeon Keeper 2 cheat codes that give advantages in the game

During the game press CTRL+ALT+C and then enter the codes:

Note: Pressing CTRL+ALT+C will not display

special line for entering codes. Just enter codes (with

spaces where they are) and it will seem to you that your

codes are not entered (will still work

shortcut keys for movement, etc.), but they will

be introduced. And remember that these codes may not work on

some versions of the game.

Code What does


show me the money

now the rain has gone Show map

feel the power Trains all monsters to level 10

this is my church gives all the rooms

fit the best Gives all rooms and traps

i believe its magic

do not fear the reaper Wins this level

Donations to the temple:

What to throw What to get


2 Salamanders 1 Dark Mistress

2 Rogues 1 Salamander

2 Warlocks 1 Goblin

2 Bile Demons 1 Rogue

2 Black Knights 1 Vampire

1 Salamander + 1 Dark Elf 1 Dark Mistress

2 Skeletons 1 Dark Elf

2 Wizards 1 Bile Demon

1 Skeleton + 1 Troll 1 Bile Demon

2 Dark Elves 1 Troll

2 Vampires 1 Bile Demon

2 Dark Mistresses 1 Skeleton

2 Trolls 1 Warlock

3 Monks Mana Boost

1 Bile Demon + 1 Warlock + 1 Dark Elf Receive Imps

2 Dwarves + 1 Dark Mistress Make Safe

Download any level:

Just run dk2.exe with a parameter like

-level (number level)

Example: dk2.exe -level level10 – Will take you to level 10.

You can see all levels in a directory


The levels of the main company are numbered from Level1 to Level20

The exception is:

Level 6 there are two of them “level6a” or “level6b”

Level 11 there are three of them “level11a”, “level11b” or “level11c”

Level 15 there are also two “level15a” or “level15b”

Secret levels are numbered from secret1 to secret5

Have fun playing Dungeon Keeper 2!

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