Cheat codes for Deadly Dozen: Pacific Theater

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Cheat codes for Deadly Dozen: Pacific Theater that give advantages in the game

During the game, enter the pause mode and you will see the “Mission Objectives” window

then [L] and enter:

cheatcheat – enable cheat mode

ac – invulnerability + infinite ammo + flight mode

pointsgodmode – invulnerability

ammo – infinite ammo

arrival – shows arrival

astar – shows astar paths

cvdraw – shows cover nodes

ec – camera enemy

fly – flight mode

give – get Thompson M1

give # – give an item with the specified number # (0-44)

hitlermode – enemies don’t die

invis – invisibility

winmission – win a mission

losemission – lose a mission

noint – show/hide hud

pathdraw – draws patrol paths

stats – shows game statistics

wpdraw – draws a waypoint

wpcondraw – draws movement point links

fovs – viewing the opponent’s field

Attention: Before some cheats, you will have to enter / tell

Example: /tell invis

Have fun playing Deadly Dozen: Pacific Theate

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