Cheat codes for Constructor

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Cheat codes for Constructor that give advantages in the game

Codes must be entered from the player selection screen (both online and

single). After entering the code, press [Enter]. If the code

entered correctly – a beep will sound. To codes

earned, it is necessary to press [C] in the game itself, after which next to

[+] sign will appear after the date – codes are enabled.

speed471 – speeds up the network game

worker902 – buy a worker at any time

gangster822 – convert worker to gangster in any


weapons473 – buy any weapon for the gangster

tenants127 – unlimited number of tenants of all levels

fences673 – build any fence

loans039 – take how much money you need from the bank

estates131 – buy any land

houses738 – buy any house

build909 – when you press [Ctrl] when placing houses, the house is built


actions674 – do any dirty tricks on “easy”

gadgets337 – any gadgets for houses

missions824 – Alt-I switch missions

complain840 – by Alt-C people stop complaining

cadets552 – Alt-P buys cops, Alt-M – bribes


Have fun playing Constructor!


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