Cheat codes for Celtic Kings: Rage of War

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Celtic Kings: Rage of War cheat codes that give advantages in the game

during the game, press enter and enter the following codes:

AddFD – shows white objects that do not belong to the current area and

black objects in this area.

ae – shows a tree with all the properties of the current level

DebugSelected – debug the current unit

DumpObj Рshows a tree with the properties of the selected unit. does not work

if no one is selected.

FlatTerrain – make a flat surface

GetItem – Gives you an item with number ‘x’ if you know that number ‘x’.

gmp – get cursor coordinates.

Pause – enable/disable pause.

Load – loading

ScreenShot – saves a large .bmp screenshot

SettlementCount – gives default settings

Spawn – Spawn(100,10) gives 10 units to the enemy and 100 to you

ToggleFog – enable/disable “fog of war”

ToggleVis – enable/disable houses/decorations

Have fun playing Celtic Kings: Rage of War!

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