Cheat codes for Cars: Mater-National

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Cheat codes for Cars: Mater-National that give advantages in the game

From the main menu, select “Options”, “Cheat Codes”,

There, enter one of the cheats below to activate its function.

Enter one of these cheat codes:

PLAYALL – Unlock all Arcade racing, mini-games,

and Story mode worlds

MATTEL07 – unlock all cars

INSTYLE – Unlock all wheels in Campaign Mode and

Luigi’s Casa Della tires

BUYTALL – unlock all paid bonus drawings

ALLYORS – unlock all game bonuses except modes

racing in Campaign mode

0TO200X – maximum acceleration

PAINTIT – colors other than Lightning McQueen

NCEDUDZ – other colors for Lightning McQueen

VRYFAST – expert mode

Have fun playing Cars: Mater-National!


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