Advice for Jones in the Fast Lane

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Advice for Jones in the Fast Lane

How to succeed in life and make a career? Is it worth spending time on

study or most importantly – a lot and hard work? Can you afford

relax and unwind, because there are only 24 hours in a day, and you need to do this

a lot of! In our difficult times, these issues have become more relevant than ever.

Magnificent and unique in design, the game “Jones in the Fast Lane” is not

will only allow you to have a great time in a friendly company, but perhaps

will be useful in some way – sometimes you need to look at yourself from the outside

and start over…

“Jones in the Fast Lane” is exceptionally good for multiple people to play;

making a career alone is not interesting. Of course, there is the possibility of competing

deal with the computer in the person of your competitor Jones, but … the computer,

seems to be shamelessly cheating, and the competition turns out to be of little interest.

Players will have to “make themselves” in this life and achieve their goals.

advance goals on four indicators:

– wealth – the totality of money in the account, property and investments.

Perhaps no explanation is required here?

– happiness – if you start shaking over every cent, eat exceptionally

especially in cheap eateries to save money, and on weekends

sit within the four walls of your empty ragged apartment, then be

sure: no wealth will allow you to get around your rivals!

Allow yourself to relax, rest, buy things, and be


Education is also an intuitive indicator. University visit

and obtaining diplomas will give you the opportunity to rise to more prestigious

positions related to scientific work. The main problem is

that education requires free time and money.

– career – the higher your official position, the closer you will be

towards achieving your career goals.

All actions are performed by the players in turn. Each of them is given

the ability to plan your actions for one week; while spending

“game” time, and not “real”, that is, over his actions, the player can

think. Sometimes the player gets less time than they should – for example,

if he did not buy food last week or had to be treated by


The easiest way to control your actions is with the mouse, although you can use

use only the keyboard or joystick. If the left mouse button is clicked

on one of the buildings of the town, then you will go there to make

desired actions.

The following keys are used in the game:

F1 – call the screen with a list of all keys

F2 – enable/disable music

F3 – enable / disable sound effects

F4 – display statistics on the achievements of the current player

F5 – save the current game

F6 – the degree of fulfillment of the goals set in the game

F7 – load a previously saved game

F8 – enable / disable “jokes” – not essential for the course of the game


F9 – start over from the beginning

F10 – information about who and when created “Jones”

Esc – exit to the main menu; also used as pause

Ctrl-Q – Exit to DOS

Ctrl-R – change the speed of displaying text messages on the screen

Ctrl-S – change character movement speed

Ctrl-T – change the graphics level (reducing it will disappear from the screen

some pictures)

Ctrl-V – change sound volume

Ctrl-Y – set the directory where the saved games will be located

Ctrl-Z – exclude the current character from the game

left mouse button – select action or place

middle mouse button or Ctrl-left key – the degree of achievement of goals

right mouse button or Shift-left key – displaying statistics on


In addition to directly entering commands from the keyboard, you can use the menu

at the top of the screen – exit to it by pressing the “Esc” key

or by clicking the left mouse button at the very top of the screen.

All decisions of the players are implemented directly on the game screen, depicting

town. Everywhere, except for residential buildings, you can work, but besides that, each

location provides the player with the opportunity to perform some specific


Le Security – expensive, but theft-proof housing. When will you have

valuable property, it makes sense to move there from cheap housing.

Rent Office – apartment rental office. Here you can pay for

month, ask for a deferment of payment or move to another housing.

Low Cost Housing – cheap and miserable apartments, but… at the start of the game

something more decent you can’t afford. Property is not insured here

from burglaries.

Pawn Shop – pawnshop. Pledge of property with its subsequent redemption leads to

tangible financial losses, but it happens that there is no other way out.

Z Mart Discount – discount store. Purchased here

goods are cheap, but they break more often than others.

Monolith Burgers is a “prestigious” restaurant, a parody of McDonald’s. More

high prices guarantee you against food poisoning.

QTClothing is a clothing store. Without corresponding service

the position of clothing will simply not allow you to work; for prestigious, high

posts require an expensive suit, and the clerk is quite enough casual


Socket City is an electrical goods store. Range exclusively

wide – from computers and video recorders to home pools. These items

delight the heart of the owner and contribute to the achievement of goals for


Hi Tech University is a polytechnic university. Entry fee gives

the right to attend courses leading to a diploma, and a diploma

increases the chances of finding a well-paid position.

Employment Office – employment office. Try to be realistic

to exercise one’s strength and not demand the post of director of the bank on the move; also for denial

precious time is wasted. The main criteria for the selection of candidates

become education, work experience and track record.

Factory – factory. It differs from all other places in that here you can

just work and nothing more. But the factory offers many vacancies,

and the positions here are the highest paid. For normal operation on

The factory needs technical education.

Bank – a bank that provides the full range of financial transactions, as they like

expressed in advertising: loans, deposits, buying and selling shares.

Black’s Market is an eatery with cheap food. In the early stages of a career

work in the “Black’s Market” can be very profitable, they pay well here

unskilled labor force. Eating here is cheaper than at Monolith

Burgers” but without a fridge it’s risky, food is very easy


All activities – moving from one building to another, buying food, studying,

work and everything else – spend game time, marked on the clock below

screen. After the end of the game week, the turn is transferred to another player.

Finally, here are some useful tips:

  1. The first week should be devoted mainly to looking for work (and buying food).

Studying at first is unprofitable, first you need to earn extra money.

  1. Do not forget to buy food for a week, a third of all time is lost from hunger.
  2. Every fourth week the rent is due. Plan

your expenses and don’t forget about those payments. Also, don’t rely on

Get a payment delay! Once allowed, twice allowed, and then broken

such an amount that you will go bankrupt.

  1. The refrigerator allows you to save purchased food supplies and eliminates

weekly shopping hassle.

  1. Visit the employment office more often! Even if there is not

more highly paid places will appear, there is a chance to earn more

at the current place of work.

  1. Try not to be without money, the need may arise

unexpectedly – say, a worn out suit will not allow you to work in your place,

and then what to do to buy a new one? All that’s left is the pawnshop.

  1. Sometimes take time to relax in your apartment, this will help increase

your level of happiness.


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