8 essential things to do during spring cleaning

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The arrival of spring gives desires for cleaning and tidying up beneficial to both physical and psychological health.

Clean your bedding

Bedding is a place where bacteria and mites concentrate.

To promote restful sleep and avoid allergies, the mattress should be vacuumed and turned twice a year, especially during spring. At the same time, make sure to vacuum the box spring and under the bed, because these parts are often forgotten when cleaning.

Dust off

Dust accumulates more in winter because it is during this period that the dwellings are least ventilated.

To dust effectively, it is best to opt for dry, clean microfiber cloths. You must then make sure to clean them well and dry them in the open air to prevent them from becoming dust nests themselves.

Take care of your couch

Like the bed, the sofa is the place of dust mites and bacteria. It must therefore be vacuumed like the mattress of the bed. The cushions must be removed to suck up any food residues that may be lodged there. If the cushions are removable, the covers should be machine washed at 60°C ideally. Otherwise, foam offers a good alternative for dry cleaning.

If the sofa is made of leather, it is advisable to apply a maintenance cream using a soft cloth.

Ventilate well

In winter, the cold means that the accommodation is not sufficiently ventilated. When the good weather returns, all the windows must be wide open (watch out for drafts and slamming doors) in order to renew the air in the whole house.

Ideally, every room in the house (especially the bedrooms) should be aired at least 10 minutes a day.

Do sorting

Doing a lot of tidying up and spring cleaning involves sorting and can lead to throwing away.

For an ecological spring cleaning, care must be taken to throw what must be thrown away in the appropriate bins (sorting or household waste) and to take specific waste to the recycling center.

Wash walls and doors

The walls often need a refresh, especially when you have children and/or pets. To clean them, nothing could be simpler: soak a damp sponge with clay stone or soda crystals, then rub the wall before rinsing and wiping. You can also repaint them if they are really dirty or damaged.


Make your windows

Cleaning the panes and frames (joinery or PVC) of your windows is an essential part of spring cleaning.

The ideal is to use black soap by mixing it with lukewarm water: this dissolves grease and dirt stains while making the surfaces shine, which will allow the light to penetrate as much as possible into your interior.

wash the curtains

The curtains are often dusty at the end of winter. You can put them in the washing machine on a delicate cycle if there is a risk of shrinkage. Tumble drying is not recommended as the curtains may also shrink.

Marseille soap is ideal for cleaning them and leaving a fresh scent in its interior.


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