7 Situations That Only People Who Enjoy Spending Time Will Understand

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Although most people complain of loneliness, the number of those who are happy when they are alone is not less!Most people hate the thought of spending time alone. However, some like to spend time alone so much that they may even cancel their plans for it. If you are not one of these people, it can be a little difficult for you to understand them. People who love solitude are not afraid to face themselves. Therefore, silence is not scary for them. In this list, we will talk about 7 things that only people who enjoy spending time alone can understand.

1. Canceling plans with friends


If you are someone who enjoys spending time alone, it is quite possible that you will give up on your plans to take time for yourself. In most cases, you can tell your friends that you have an urgent business. In fact, all you want to do is lie on your couch with some snacks and wine and watch a movie.

2. Feeling less anxious


When you’re alone, you don’t have to worry too much about getting along with others. You can handle all the projects you have planned on your own. So you don’t feel anxious about your needs not being met or about getting along well with people.

3. Enjoying the Silence


After a stressful working day, we want to renew ourselves by doing things that will be good for our soul. While some people go out with their friends and renew themselves, those who love solitude recharge energy by enjoying the silence.

4. Expecting the partner to respect personal space


People who love solitude are extremely determined to protect their personal space. Therefore, they expect their partners to respect that space. Otherwise, they cannot find a reason to continue the relationship.

5. Needing to be alone after group activities

Parties, family get-togethers, chats with friends… People who like to be alone may need to “rest” for a while after a large group event. For example, a large family may want a few days of silence and solitude after a meal.

6. Thinking, thinking, thinking…

People who like to be alone have a lot more time to think. These people are often more intuitive. Because he has more time to listen to his intuition. In addition, they are more observant, as they do not feel the need to fill every silence with words. It’s fun for them to sit back and just watch what’s going on.

7. Consuming alcohol at home, not outside

Although it is pleasant to sit and chat with friends in a bar, people who love solitude prefer to stay at home. Because the crowd and noise is nothing but tiredness for them. A few glasses of wine while watching their favorite TV show, taking a bubble bath or reading a book can take all their tiredness away.

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