5 disadvantages of not being punctual

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5 disadvantages of not being punctual

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Do you believe that busy life messy The basic reason is not being punctual. which will gradually instill bad habits, clinging to our lives unexpectedly Until making us become unreliable and in the end, that behavior can cause us to default on important events and cause unexpected damage to our lives as well.

5 disadvantages of not being punctual

Time is an opportunity, not being punctual It’s like wasting an opportunity for no reason.

That means time is precious and is of the utmost importance in our lives. Both in terms of work and personal life

But many people reject this belief and still understand that being late or being late on time can be compromised for various reasons, causing them to become non-punctual people.

Surprisingly, living cultures and harvesting seasons from ancient times can affect the punctuality of people in each country.

It’s unbelievable that tropical countries like us have a culture of non-timeliness more than cold countries. And that is the fundamental reason that affects the economic development of that country as well as the high or low income of the population as well.

See if it’s on time or not on time. It’s not a joke, is it? Because it pushes a small matter that affects life and spreads to the country’s development system. and to make the picture more clear Let’s take a look at the damage caused by not being on time as it will mess up our lives. How can it be out of order?

1. Loss of good relationship with those around you

This is the first disadvantage of not being punctual that we can directly experience from close people. If you are the type of person who doesn’t like to wait for a long time, being on time is something that should be remembered the most.

Even you still don’t like waiting. So are others as well. not being on time

In addition to making us feel bad and causing stressful emotions Our brains also work hard to come up with justifications for being late, which, of course, often makes you dishonest.

Being late often will result in the people around you being bored with your behavior… until it negatively affects the good relationship that continues to decline as well.

2. The habit is sluggish, procrastinating.

in my opinion This is one of the drawbacks of non-timeliness that eats life the most.

The habit of not being on time for various reasons. Cultivating us to become inert, languid, in any way and loving comfort until causing the important work in front of us to be postponed indefinitely until it negatively affects the work we do

In addition, he selfishly wasted other people’s time. We certainly don’t like people squandering our time, so we shouldn’t squander other people’s time by not being on time, right?

P.S. I don’t think that being passive in my personal life is a bad thing. But if we are so slow and slow that we cannot work on time, then problems will begin.

3. Business – work damage

In business, even a fraction of a minute’s delay can be hugely detrimental to the job. And it can change our lives at all.

Think about it. In the meeting to negotiate a business that has signed a billion project contract That requires decisiveness, swift decision-making and strong negotiations.

If you’re one minute late, you can throw your job off the hook and it can affect your progress in your career as well.

If you still can’t see the picture Think about the falling of dominoes.

4. Missed opportunity, lack of credibility

To travel to important meetings or special appointments with respected adults. with public transportation Not being on time can cause you to miss your plane, miss your car, or even get stuck in traffic and get lost.

Which may cause you to miss the good opportunities that are waiting for you unfortunately.

It also affects the image that is perceived as irresponsible. Plus, towed by reducing the level of credibility at the same time. And this is another disadvantage of non-timeliness that can be clearly seen.

5. Life without discipline (too is bad)

The disadvantage of being on time as I mentioned above is It messed up our lives. messy It also makes us undisciplined. lack of systematic planning It keeps us away from success and advancement in both professional and personal life.

That’s because every encounter every appointment is to respect others and ourselves. Unavailability due to being late means you’re wasting your time making unnecessary things. Plus it looks unprofessional. Ridiculously reduced credibility

The disadvantage of not being on time, in addition to affecting our lives, this small point also affects the development of the country.

We can be ourselves. But don’t make it difficult for others.

Historically it has been said that time keeping has an effect on the development of a country. Several studies have shown this to be the case.

for example Japan People who are known to value punctuality the most and are accepted by people all over the world can develop their country and grow their economy faster than any other country in Asia.

Even Japan was badly affected by World War II. It is also a country with a very high income level today (Levine, 2006).

In the life and work of Somdet Krom Phraya Damrong Rajanubhab Thanying Poonphisamai Disakul described one part of his father as saying, “One of punctuality. His Highness considered that anyone who does not consider time as important That person is unscrupulous. can’t be trusted”

And that is the motto that reminds us to pay attention and train ourselves to be punctual. To be a way of success and advancement in their lives and good fundamentals of the development of the country system

Friends, you can already do it. Just start being punctual!


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