40 ways to calm your mind

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I used to think that peace was like riding a bicycle. If we can do it once, then we can do it for the rest of our lives. But over the years I have come to understand that ‘Calm down’ is something that we must constantly practice. If we stop practicing, we will come back to the highs again.

but how to keep calm Not distracted, what is it? In this article, I recommend everyone to find ways to calm down and choose according to their own situation and preferences. But before talking about ways to calm the mind, let’s look at the meaning of peace first.

what is peace

Peace means that you can find silence in the world. This doesn’t mean you have to make your life boring or that you have to stay home all the time.

we can see that True peace does not depend on the external environment nor does it depend on the situation in our lives. True peace means being aware of yourself and what you can do. If your mind is calm You will be able to accept yourself for who you are and no longer spend your time and energy on useless thoughts.

Peace is the opposite of anxiety. pondering and worrying

The subject of peace and happiness (true) is something that people talk about a lot. I have written an article for you to read. It should be liked by people who like this article. what is true happiness

The way to calm down will have different meanings for different people. Some people find peace through chanting and meditating. Some people may find it by letting go of stress. Or some people may find it by going for a walk in nature.

I have learned that peace is all around us and it is also within us. but to calm down We must try to train ourselves. But the training instead made us feel so pressured that our hearts were not at peace.

Especially if we are in a stressful or aching situation. It is even more difficult for us to choose to remain calm rather than dwelling on our problems. Sometimes ruminating on life’s problems seems like the only option we can make.

But it’s not at all…we always have a choice. And there are many ways to calm down. no matter what situation we are in no matter what our brains say We must learn to find calming methods that are appropriate for ourselves and our circumstances.

Where do we have to be? do nothing and don’t have to be with anyone We can feel peaceful and here are 40 ways to calm your mind.


#1 Take 5-10 minutes to meditate. 

#2 If the mind goes in and out 100 times while counting from 1 to 100, we should concentrate on observing the breathing and counting numbers.

#3 Go for a walk and meditate Be mindful of your feelings when you walk. Be aware of the ground and body movements.

#4 Find Meditation Videos on YouTube to learn how to create happiness from peace

#5 Practice alternating nostril breathing Squeeze the left nostril to inhale into the right side, block the breath, then release the left nostril and squeeze the right nostril, then exhale. Do this five times.

Concentration and mindfulness tell us what our brain is thinking. what are you feeling And are these thoughts or feelings real?


#6 Jot down things that stress you out and frustrate you. and then burn it away It is a concrete release.

#7 Write down the hard things you’ve been through. so that you can see a picture of what you’ve been through a lot will encourage you when you

#8 Pour out your heart Let the person who made you feel down or uncomfortable listen instead of keeping your feelings at bay. If something makes us feel uncomfortable, ask first because ‘thinking’ or assuming is the beginning of stress.

#9 Call the person you’ve never forgiven. and tell the person that you have forgiven them

#10 Apologize when you make a mistake. Instead of constantly blaming yourself Say sorry and forgive yourself.


#11 Healing the mind with art Grab a crayon or pen and draw your feelings on paper.

#12 Create a scrapbook. It’s a scrapbook of pictures that make you feel good. feel relaxed Or feel calm out (try Google to find these images)

#13 Meditate with a serenity quote that you like. You can write or print out a frame to see when you need peace later.

#14 Go for a walk and take beautiful pictures Taking pictures of things that make you feel calm such as natural trees or waterfalls

#15 Write a blog about things that calm you. Whether it’s venting bad things away. Write down what you learned from bad experiences. Or write a blog to help others.


#16 Get up and dance to your favorite song. Focus on the music and your body movements. The more you concentrate on music and dancing, the better. Your mind will only be calmer.

#17 Go for a beach walk Focus on the sand and the sea touching your feet. Listen to the sound of the waves telling you ‘fight’. Same old method but always works.

#18 Ride a bike If driving in Bangkok makes you more frustrated than before. I think it’s good to find a place to ride a bike and enjoy nature.

#19 Stretch out for 5-10 minutes. Practice breathing while you’re moving. Or if you have a little time, you can go to yoga at all.

#20 Organize your home or organize your desk. Organizing things around you will make you feel better.


#21 Show kindness to those who hurt you. Instead of getting angry or frustrated, Letting go of and forgiving those who have mistreated you will set you free.

#22 Make time for yourself to appreciate the good things in your life. To make you enjoy the present and create a better future.

#23 Write a list of things you like about yourself. and valued these lits more than the idea that things in life could be better.

#24 Focus on what you like about the people around you. instead of trying to change those people (assuming you are in a good relationship already)

#25 Remind yourself every time you start thinking ‘we should’ or ‘we should’ because those thoughts make you look at the present in a negative light. Think ‘we did our best.’ Doing our best is enough. And we are learning and improving every day.’

Acceptance to calm the mind is a topic that people often study along with letting go. You can learn more here. 40 ways to let go to create happiness in life.

Acceptance doesn’t always mean that we have to put up with the bad things in life. But it also means that we shouldn’t let negative things make us uncomfortable. And we should find a solution to get out of this situation without procrastination.


#26 Start reading to learn how to solve the problem you are facing.

#27 Give yourself time. It’s a time when you don’t have to go out and meet anyone. or doing something you don’t want to do Now you should do whatever makes your heart happy. Some people may like to go to see various arts. Some people may like to travel. Or some people might like to go to a restaurant to find delicious food by themselves.

#28 Living with nature Sit under a tree or go hiking. Make time for nature appreciation.

#29 Be your own best friend. Try to keep asking yourself what you’re feeling, what you’re thinking. Give yourself the same advice you would give to your best friend in trouble.

#30 Be optimistic. Tell yourself that you feel at peace. feel happy feel sober

‘Encouragement’ and ‘self-improvement’ are two things that can make you happy with yourself. I recommend you to study these two articles: 25 Ways to Encourage Yourself and How to Learn by Yourself.

Giving yourself time doesn’t mean you’re running away from problems. And that doesn’t mean we give up. But sometimes we need to find time to ‘refuel’ and ‘fill’ ourselves, perhaps going out to pursue our dreams. Maybe it’s going on a trip. Or maybe it’s doing something we like.


#31 Speak the truth in every relationship. Hiding your feelings will make you feel stressed out. The best thing to do is to be sincere and express your feelings.

#32 Stop yourself when you’re blaming or thinking you’re the victim. Instead of thinking about who is right or who is wrong Instead, ask yourself how you can make things better or meet your expectations.

#33 Find happiness with the people you love. when we are with the people we love Forget the problems and find something fun or funny to do together.

#34 Find someone who is likely to understand your problem. Creating a support group and discussing each other’s problems will make you feel more at peace.

#35 Let people in. Your ‘self care activity’ Invite friends to do yoga together. Or take the family to walk in the garden near the house.

Being happy on your own doesn’t mean you have to be alone all the time. in today’s society We must also learn to be with other people or do things for others. which will bring us to the final chapter…


#36 Volunteer to help a social organization you like. Working to help others is like healing our own souls. Peace comes when we stop focusing on our own problems and focus on helping people who really need help.

#37 Volunteer to help stray dogs or cats. Animals are the most present. I think we can learn a lot from them.

#38 Help others without expecting anything in return. No matter how little we give, it will always make us happy. If the person you help wants to pay back, tell them to pay it forward by helping others instead.

#39 Use your passion to help others. If you’re a designer, you could even try making a free logo for a friend or helping a social organization. You get to do what you love and there are so many people who want your work. Win-win.

#40 Use your life goals for others. Change your purpose in life to doing things for other people instead of money. May be helping to make other people’s dreams come true. or help people lose weight Whatever your goal in life is Give it to other people for free.

in the matter of giving I encourage everyone to read the article 5 Benefits of Helping Others. That may change your outlook on life. 5 Benefits of Helping Others

if you want to be happy you have to find peace These two things always go together. But if you can’t find peace in your heart It’s hard to find peace anywhere else.

You might think these lits are too long. If I had to do everything, I wouldn’t be able to do it all. My advice is ‘Don’t Do It All’ and gradually learn how to calm down little by little Or you can try to find a method that is unique to you that may not be available in this list. I believe everyone has different schedules or responsibilities. Therefore, the most important thing is to find out. ‘What calms our hearts’


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