25 ways to build self-confidence

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Many times we don’t dare to follow our own dreams because we are afraid of failing…or in other words, we don’t have confidence in ourselves so we don’t dare to overcome our fears. The problem of insecurity is something people have to face. But the main question is How do we build confidence in ourselves?

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  • Building self-confidence… how to do it?
  • building self-confidence is it possible
  • 25 ways to build self-confidence
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Building self-confidence… how to do it?

We should practice increasing self-confidence. Which, if we look at the real world, socializing in modern times is an opportunity that we can practice to increase our self-confidence every day. Some people may be able to learn from talking to other people. Some people may practice by adjusting their own attitude.

Practice to increase your confidence or overcome your fears. It doesn’t mean that fear is 100% gone, it just means that fear can hurt you less. Anyone can do it, I can do it, you can too.

Being social means that we need to think of other people first. We need to find a way to make other people feel comfortable or happy first. But sometimes we need time to think about what we love and want to do. We want to take care of our own souls. Because trying to ‘socialize’ while we are not confident in ourselves is very difficult.

If we don’t have confidence in ourselves, we won’t be able to. ‘Choose a path’ that we like, we wouldn’t dare to divide the time to use it to do what we want to do or become the person we want to be. You can click here to see 25 methods.

building self-confidence is it possible

If we are not confident in ourselves Is it possible that we will change ourselves? How much self-confidence can we control?

The paradox of not being confident in yourself is that ‘How much we don’t have confidence in ourselves. The more difficult it is for us to change or improve ourselves.’ But I think no matter how difficult it is, we can do it. We don’t need other people’s help to increase our self-confidence. If we don’t think we’re good, we’re smart, or we’re good-looking… they can change.

We can become respected by others. and a person who follows his dreams without caring about other people’s opinions

Self-confidence can be built if you know how to take control of your life. We need to start doing things that help us develop our skills, our image, and our confidence. without having to depend on others


In this article, I’ve listed 25 things we can do to boost our self-confidence. All methods can actually be done. Every method can produce results. But we also have to be willing to do it. Making this product is not difficult at all, but requires determination.

However, you don’t have to do everything in Lits. I recommend choosing the method that works best for you. Maybe start by trying a few methods first. and find other ways to be more pleasing to you If any method you think is inappropriate or doesn’t work, just choose a new method.

25 ways to build self-confidence

#1 Take care of yourself. It’s the easiest and most obvious way. But nothing makes us feel better and more confident than taking a shower and washing our heads. Sometimes I feel that taking a shower after a hard day is enough to make myself feel relaxed and in a good mood.

#2 Dress well . This method is considered an additional step from number one. If we set ourselves up in the clothes we like We will feel more confident in ourselves. I’m not saying that we have to buy expensive brand name clothes all the time. Each person has different clothes that they like. If we find a private outfit that looks good and makes us feel confident when wearing it, that’s enough.

#3 Visualize your dreams Our view of ourselves is very important. These images in our minds are a measure of how proud we are of ourselves.

But what we tend to forget is that these images are not static. These images can always change. And we can control our point of view as well. If we look at ourselves badly We should find a way to adjust our own thoughts and views. You try to observe yourself to see what your dream image is and how to fix it.

#4 Optimism Many things in our lives depend on our own perspective. Sometimes the difference between what people can and cannot do depends on how optimistic they are. Let us try to observe our own emotions and thoughts. When we start to think that something is ‘difficult’, ‘impossible’, or ‘bad’, look and ask yourself again if your thoughts and thoughts These emotions ‘true’

#5 Cut negative thoughts If optimism is something you feel you can’t do yet Try to change it to do this instead. ??? ??? ????? ? ???? ??? ????????? ?????????? ??? ??????????????? ?????- ????? ????? ? ?????????? ???? ??????? ???? ?? ??? ?????? ?? ?! Think of these negative thoughts as little bugs.

If you catch one bug, let it out the window. Don’t let it disturb our minds.

#6 Know yourself . Chinese people used to say that ‘Know him, know us. A hundred battles a hundred victories’ means that we cannot defeat an enemy that we do not know. But if the enemy we talk about is our own ‘fear’, what should we do?

If ‘ideas’ are our enemies We have to get to know our own ideas more than before. Start listening to your own thoughts. Start noticing our feelings Start taking notes or a diary. Start collecting your thoughts to analyze why or what makes you negative. After that, start looking at what makes us happy. What makes us feel confident in ourselves? and what we like We know ourselves by observing.

‘Fear’ is a topic that I have to explain longer. If anyone is interested in developing beyond their own fear I recommend you to understand this article first. What is fear? caused by what?

#7 Be positive. In addition to turning our thoughts positive, we also need to change our behavior. Thoughts and actions are two things that affect each other.

Thoughts affect action But actions affect thoughts. In addition to trying to turn people’s thoughts into positive ones, We also need to turn our words into positive ones. start encouraging others Start paying attention to what you do. And you will see that many results will improve.

#8 Be kinder and more considerate. If this topic sounds too rotten, you can skip it. But showing kindness to others and being kind to yourself will make you feel better.

Most Thai people, when they encounter problems, go to temples to make merit. which is one example of ‘Being a good person’ is the same. Of course, the kindness or kindness that you want to give to others depends on your skills or preferences. The law of goodness is that we put others first. Then we’ll feel better. when we feel better We will be more confident in ourselves. If you don’t believe it, try it.

about giving and ‘Creating happiness by giving happiness’ is a very interesting human nature. Try to learn more here. 5 benefits of helping others.

#9 Be prepared all the time It can be difficult to have self-confidence if we feel that our ‘knowledge’ is not enough or that we are not skilled enough. The more self-explanatory you are, the more insecure you’ll feel. If you feel that way, the most direct way to answer the question is to prepare and practice more.

Take an exam, for example. If we hadn’t read the books, we would have felt insecure in the exam room. But if we read a lot of books do all homework We would feel more confident in ourselves in the exam room. If we think that life is an exam, we should prepare ourselves first.

#10 Know your principles and live by them. Do you have principles for living? What is most important to you? If you don’t know it, it’s easy to always feel lost. For example, how can you drive confidently if you don’t know the road and don’t even know where the destination is?

For me, I have my own principles and things that I think are very important. In most cases, if there is any decision that goes against these principles I tried not to do it. (But sometimes I can’t), so if you don’t have a life principle, I suggest you try to think about your own principles. Then imagine if you want to live by your principles. or believe in principles but do not follow them

#11 Speak slower This is another thing that is easy to start but has a bigger effect than we think. Slowing down your speech will make others perceive you as a more discreet person. Powerful people, such as the prime minister or president, use this method to gain the respect of their audience. Speaking slowly means giving yourself time. And it’s a show of self-confidence.

A fast talker is someone who wants others to finish listening quickly. Mostly because they weren’t sure what they were saying was worth listening to or worth listening to. Even if you feel insecure that slowing down will make it better. I recommend you to try it first. Speak a little slower for a week and see how much people around you listen to you more attentively. Of course, don’t speak too slowly. What do you do to be fit?

#12 Stand Upright I have explained that our actions are just as important as our thoughts. If we act confident in ourselves, we will feel more confident in ourselves. Sitting straight, standing straight, keeping yourself taller is a way to build self-confidence through simple personality adjustments. In addition to being good for your health, it will also make you feel more confident in yourself. You will feel taller, better looking.

which I think there are no disadvantages with this method So the next time you catch yourself slouching when walking or sitting, start correcting this part of your personality as well.

#13 Increase your talent If we are not confident in ourselves because we think we are not good enough The answer is that we only try to get better. This item is different from the preparation item because the preparation is a part of ‘knowledge’ such as entering the exam room. But talent is more of a ‘skill’ part.

However, we can build skills through study and practice gradually. If we want to be writers, we might start by writing a small article before writing a book. The more we practice, the better we become. Set aside time for yourself each day. 30 minutes or an hour to practice the skills you like.

For those who are interested in the tangible way. can actually do it Try reading these two articles. Effective self-improvement plans and self- learning methods

#14 Set small, achievable goals. Most people set their goals so great that they cannot be achieved. (Or it takes decades to do it) until discouraged, losing confidence first. If we set smaller short-term goals There will be more chances that we can do it and we will also intend to make this goal more realistic. I’m not saying we can’t set big goals.

But if we want to do great things, we must first know how to break down big goals into smaller ones. For example, if we want to save ten million within ten years We should set a goal of saving five hundred thousand in one year and so on.

#15 Make a few habits Making big habits or habits like quitting smoking can be difficult. But if we start to adjust just small habits, such as waking up 10 minutes earlier or playing Facebook less in the evening. And we choose to do this for a whole month. We will feel that it is much easier to adapt. You’ll be able to accomplish more and feel more confident in yourself.

#16 Focus on Problem Solving If you are someone who likes to complain or worry about problems, try to change your focus. Focusing on problem-solving instead of problem-solving is a great boost to self-confidence.

Instead of thinking that we are fat or lazy people. Instead, spend some time thinking of ways to lose weight or how to convince yourself. If you have problems after this, instead of thinking ‘Aw,’ change it to ‘How can we fix this?’ Not only will you have more confidence in yourself. Your career could go even further.

#17 Smile . Another technique that sounds dirty but it actually works. Smiling releases your brain’s happy hormones and makes you feel more relaxed. This is the beginning of building self-confidence that is very good. Low energy consumption, low investment, high return

#18 Volunteering Additional lessons from If it’s a long weekend or weekend, instead of using that time for yourself, try sacrificing some time to do something for society. Spending time for others may create happiness in your life that you have never thought of before. And if you think that you have created such a benefit or goodness How can you not appreciate yourself?

#19 Thank you . I believe in the power of gratitude and appreciation. This topic I wrote to remind everyone to look at their own life again and see how many good opportunities and good people in your life. We can enjoy the little things if we understand their importance. And this kind of thinking will make us more humble and optimistic.

#20 Exercise. Even though I don’t have time to exercise often But I still believe in the magic of exercise and believe in the benefits it has on the body and human happiness hormones.

The advantages of exercising are many. But if you feel that your health is not good, your shape is not good, you have negative thoughts. The simplest short-term and long-term solution is to go to the gym and sweat for an hour. You just need to do it for a few days and you will see the results of it.

#21 Knowledge and confidence. In addition to preparing and building skills for yourself Gaining knowledge is another way to build confidence in yourself.

The beginning of insecurity is fear. And all human fears come from ignorance. The more you know, the more you can be sure about what is good or bad. and what is right or wrong The advantage of this era is that knowledge can be read easily. You can study articles on Google or watch video tutorials on YouTube, if you have a question. The Internet is always ready to answer.

#22 Start doing things you used to be lazy to do. If you have a job or role that you have shifted for several weeks. Or is there an activity that you want to do but just don’t have time to do? I recommend you start doing it. Any Sunday that is free to force yourself to start doing those things. Or you can get up an hour earlier to find more time. You’ll feel great about yourself.

#23 Don’t stay idle . Doing something is better than doing nothing. Of course, in doing something new there is always a risk that we will fail. But failing is also an experience. If we don’t try something new, we won’t learn.

If you’ve read this far, then you probably want to develop a lot of self-confidence, right? Then it’s time to stop being afraid of failure and do something about it. Go to the gym, go to school, develop any skills that bring you closer to your dreams.

#24 Do small things. It’s similar to goal-setting and habit-forming. I think that if the work or duty we are responsible for is too big or too long-term. We should switch to looking at smaller goals that will encourage us better. Or is it a more measurable short-term goal? We should learn to break down big tasks into small, practical steps.

As we keep collecting these small achievements, we feel that our big goal will soon be accomplished. If you can, your self-confidence will skyrocket.

#25 Organize your desk . Finally, let me write something that is easy and anyone can do it right now. (Or if your desk is very messy, it may not be as easy as you think. Haha) Setting up the desk is like putting your work and responsibilities under your control again. You are 100% a factor that you can control if you start to feel bad about yourself. Let’s turn to set the table.


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