10 techniques to persuade you to see results

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coexistence in a democratic society We have to be able to accept different opinions. because in reality it is impossible that everyone will see exactly the same Whether it’s politics, religion, values, culture, or even cheering on sports.

We cannot force anyone to believe what we think. But at the same time, we can change our attitudes, beliefs, so that others accept our opinions. and that is called “Persuasion” itself.

10 techniques to persuade you to see results

saying or doing something to convince people to believe is like high art Called to have talent, special skills or enough experience and expertise. to build credibility until people can follow

Nowadays, we see a lot of “Life Coach” careers or “How To” type books that introduce success stories everywhere. which is also persuasive. Today, we will introduce a good communication strategy to achieve goals with 10 effective persuasive techniques.

1. Gradually show a friendly demeanor.

Robert Cialdini, the author of a book that shook the psychology world. until being regarded as The “Father of Persuasion” said in his research that Motivating people to achieve good results not at the time of the conversation As many people believe, but at the time before the discussion.

Therefore, the beginning should not be impatient. must have a proper distance With a friendly, gentle gesture and body language, it’s called giving a good impression before starting.

2. Choose to use sound weight. and appropriate posture

The theory of communication says that “speech” during the conversation. It affects only 7% of the people we are talking to, while the tone of voice affects 38% of the mind, and the body language affects 55%.

which clearly indicates that That voice and attitude It has a huge influence on the conversation. Because it can give different feelings. whether the weight of the sound talk firmly Help build confidence, speak softly, show gentleness. This includes speaking fluently and concisely.

3. You should not answer in the form of denial or disagreement.

during conversation The thing to be careful about is Responding or commenting that have the meaning of disapproval, denial, or overly controversial nature

because in addition to being difficult to persuade It also creates an atmosphere that feels It’s different from the conversation partner too. when being a different person There will be a feeling of resistance. or retaliate in a way that refuses to return careless wording will make the end come sooner than expected

4. There is a step in speaking.

Doing so that others agree with our ideas. Timing is important. Gradually getting the other person to accept the small things first and move on to more important things is a strategy that works very well.

If he starts accepting some things It was like the first door had been opened. to lead to the next door and helps us see the direction that Will there be any vulnerability? and can present ideas as desired to persuade

5. Make a bigger offer first.

This method is the opposite of the above. because we can offer a story that is sure He would definitely refuse first. and then release the trick in the story that we really want to present

good interlocutor He will feel the rejection of the other party. may be a bad thing or have already rejected the big deal Smaller things are easier to listen to, for example, if it’s a persuasive presentation of a project. We may submit high-priced projects first. When it was rejected, it offered a project with a lower price. to make decision making easier

6. Do not insult or show superiority.

during the conversation to persuade that person Don’t accidentally talk boastfully. Or talk intimidatingly on various matters because it will cause grievances until you don’t like us. The topics to be discussed should be water-based. go in the same direction first in order not to contradict feelings and then gradually explain rationally dialogue showing equality or conversations that go in the same direction Helps to talk smoothly. and make the other party always open to listening

7. Give the impression that the interlocutor is important.

No one wants to be important, so building trust is a matter of concern. Sincere expression that We value and honor It will be a ticket to a good feeling during the conversation.

If we choose to compliment properly It will definitely help to persuade in a positive direction. For example, if we want to ask a colleague to help us We may compliment that friend. He is a kind person who likes to help others. Anyone who receives a compliment will surely be delighted.

8. Allow time to give freedom to think and make decisions.

The nature of most people don’t like to be forced or don’t like being awkward persuasion to work There should be some distance in the conversation. Don’t push too hard. Let time do some work.

If the interlocutor must be in a situation like being squeezed There will be a feeling of resistance. There may be a feeling of prejudice against us. Although the arousal is amenable to would be a good thing But knowing the short installment, the long installment Friendly conversation, some jokes, and free decision-making. will have a better effect

9. Compare and visualize

that good talk There is no need to quote a lot of information to refer to. Because persuasion that sees results is Words that will satisfy that. when he’s interested Information or details can be read later.

Another effective persuasive speech is Comparatively speaking, Compare and Contrast, because it helps to visualize and make decisions easily, for example, if it is a sale. If we tell the integer number first Then we can give you a discount at a special price. It’s just a number that’s cheaper.

10. Credibility from experience, works help.

Finally, credibility or experience Expertise Reputation plays an important role in persuading people. That’s because everything depends on confidence. Most people will believe that a person with a good reputation, outstanding performance, and very successful may not need to persuade anything.

but even without experience or a lot of fame Just follow all the good persuasion strategies we have suggested. can definitely build confidence with results

persuasion We also need to read our interlocutors. Because the context of the talk is amenable to Maybe nothing is fixed. It depends primarily on who we want to convince.

Sometimes we may have to talk to people who think differently from us. people with more power than us more successful people we’ve never met before or with people we are acquainted with If we can make him more confident in us. The persuasion only moved closer to the finish line.


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