10 importance of having a stable life

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If there is something that can make us feel at ease That would be a matter of having stability in various fields. of life all the time which is not strange at all that makes people want to seek stability in life Because not everyone is born with complete security in all aspects, so it is necessary to learn and develop one’s own abilities. in order to be able to live efficiently and worry-free

What is stability in life?

Stability means having stability in various fields. and being in a state of having a carefree feeling of security and protected from various dangers that may have occurred intentionally or by chance, such as financial stability or stability in various work responsibilities

Stable means longevity This means that we must be able to ensure that we can survive in all aspects of life, and that we can maintain it sustainably.

The importance of having a stable life

I may not be able to say more than that. Having stability can definitely make us happy.

But there is one thing that is quite certain. when people have stability in life It will make our suffering ever lessen for sure because if we have a stable life. We will have feelings that make us feel at ease to a certain extent. And there is no need to keep worrying about things. that may occur unexpectedly However, having a stable life is still something that allows us to move on with our daily lives with confidence.

Therefore, everyone deserves stability in life. ??? ??? ????? ? ???? ??? ????????? ?????????? ??? ??????????????? ?????- ????? ????? ? ?????????? ???? ??????? ???? ?? ??? ?????? ?? ?! Or have enough stability to survive and be safe in life

But even if you were born with stability in many ways side that others don’t have It doesn’t mean that you have a stable life. because of that stability It will be able to disappear at any time. If we choose not to focus or overlook it

Therefore, knowing how we can maintain this stability will last forever. Or increase this security so much that it feels the least risky. Therefore, it is something that should be given priority. And learning all the time so that we are able to deal with and cope with problems that may arise promptly therefore can be called Having a stable life can be satisfying.

What is stability?

What is the foundation of financial stability is having savings Because everything is necessary to spend money to buy them. Whether it’s a house, a car, a product used for daily consumption. or including investing in various assets and financial instruments

Therefore, if we know where to start with financial planning from the beginning It will allow us to have money to save easily. And still be able to invest our savings to make money work for us so that money can grow Also known as Passive Income, and with careful financial planning like this. will be able to make himself financially stable without difficulty without having to work for the rest of your life

when considering the savings patterns of Thai people According to Nida Poll’s survey, it was found that 41% of Thai people’s goal of saving money is to save money for use in times of emergency instead of saving money for use after retirement. This means that Thai people like to save money for short-term and medium-term goals only. without prioritizing and realizing savings for long-term goals or enough retirement goals

Although many people probably already know that Savings are important. But according to the data from the Bank of Thailand, it is found that Thai people with deposits of more than 1 million baht have only 1% of all savings accounts. And according to data from the Puey Ungphakorn Institute of Economic Research, it still says that more than 88% of Thai people only deposit money in a savings account. which resulted in a low return It is also likely that Thai households will have less savings. And may result in a lack of liquidity when the money is needed. It may also result in not having enough savings after retirement.

Tips (not) secret money management style for the new generation From Bank of Ayudhya is to use the 20-50-30 money management principle by dividing the money from monthly income into 3 parts.

The first part is savings, accounting for 20% of monthly income.

This amount of money will be the capital that we will use to achieve our dreams for ourselves, such as using it as money to do our own business. Or to invest to create additional returns, such as buying funds or keeping it as an emergency reserve. Including long-term savings for retirement

The second part is the expenses that are needed in daily life, accounting for 50% of the monthly income.

We should set aside money in this section to spend on necessary things such as 4 factors that we need to use regularly, such as house rent, food expenses, clothes expenses, travel expenses, etc., so that there will be no problems with insufficient money at the end of the month.

The third part is the personal happiness value, accounting for 30% of monthly income.

Since we set aside the money that we have to save and the money that needs to be spent separately. The last remaining 30% we can spend on fulfilling happiness. To encourage yourself, such as buying things you want. buffet dining Or going on a trip, etc., which we will call this sum of money as a lump of passion

job security

Many people would understand that Stability in work means the condition of working that makes oneself confident that will be able to work in that profession for a specified period of time or meet their own needs Including various welfare that can satisfy us And what professions do we have to work in to be able to guarantee the stability of work in each of those professions for us?

Most people probably think A job that pays a lot of money that are coming in every month or applying for government service which is a job with a fixed salary base and have quite satisfactory welfare Or for some people it may be a job they like. When you do it, you feel happy. But sometimes there are people who devote their physical and mental strength to the work with all their might. And what was returned was just a sum of money. with unbearable fatigue

If the question Wherever you work, you will have stability in your career. It wouldn’t be easy to answer. Because even many large companies around the world that used to be glorious for many decades It can be a slump. Or go bankrupt quickly at a certain time as well, for example, a group of companies that have to shut down due to the impact of the COVID-19 virus that has occurred, etc. As for government jobs in Thailand, there have been many layoffs as well.

Therefore, we need to ask a new question: What should we do with ourselves? to have stability in work Because, in fact, stable work doesn’t exist in the first place. And what we should do to achieve stability in the job that is making yourself stable by developing himself to the best of his ability all the time

When we have the ability to meet the needs of others. no matter how old we are or how far away There will be people who try to find us until found. and would like to offer a job Or always want to persuade them to work together And with this it can be called. job security truly

health security

Have we ever asked ourselves whether How much do we pay attention to our own health care? I believe that there are many people who tend to overlook their own health care. May be due to obligations that need to be responsible on a daily basis

For example, looking forward to working hard. In order to have progress and success in work or when being a student, there would be a period of sleep deprivation. To read books to prepare for studies and exams, etc., so that we may neglect our own health care.

It’s true that you study hard and work hard in order to make yourself successful in life. It’s admirable. which people tend to want to pursue success as usual But I want you to stop and think carefully that if one day our bodies cannot continue to work It may make us unable to reach that success anymore or even if that success has already been achieved. It is not able to save our lives as well.

Therefore, success in life must come with complete physical and mental health. which believes that almost everyone would know how to take care of their own health better Whether exercising eating healthy food Or getting enough rest, etc. But if anyone really doesn’t know how to take care of their health can find information by yourself or can consult directly with a specialist as well

In terms of mental health, it should not be overlooked. Because it’s not something that can be taken care of easily. like physical health If unable to heal by yourself should seriously go see a medical professional But at present, people have begun to pay more attention to health care. Including things that help restore and improve mental health, such as ASMR that helps with internal mental problems such as stress until insomnia, etc., or a podcast that collects knowledge and inspiration. come to listen to a lot

From the situation of the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the past has shown that Thailand is one country that has been able to control the spread of the virus better than many. countries around the world And statistical data from a team of researchers from Johns Hopkins University who have conducted research surveying countries with health security found that Thailand is the only developing country ranked in the top 10 in the world by Ranked 6th out of 195 countries around the world and is also number 1 in Asia

relationship stability

It is considered a stability in the area that many people often face problems. Because each day we need to interact with those around us on a daily basis. Be it friends, lovers or family members. When we choose to have a relationship with someone Of course, we want to keep that good relationship alive. But the good relationship that it may not always go smoothly. Because each day there is a chance that there will be problems that cause us to misunderstand each other or misunderstand each other many times. accidentally

Therefore, to have stability in relation to those around you. We need to be open-minded. learn a lot from the opposite side without prejudice And then I have to be careful with my speech. Or do your own good as well Because everything we express can affect the stability of our relationships with those around us.

If we have the right posture respectable to anyone want to come to us and want to make friends with us On the other hand, if we put ourselves well in the beginning but keep on going We may ignore Or accidentally show bad things out unconsciously, so we need to keep exploring ourselves as well.

Relationships with loved ones are also a vicious circle. Most of the problems encountered tend to be a matter of expecting too much. and when not as expected It often causes problems. Which is too much or too little, it will not affect the relationship of two people. And if you want to have a relationship with a stable lover I would recommend trying to use the 60-40 relationship rule.

The 60-40 rule of relationships is about building and maintaining lasting relationships. By dividing the part for giving time to the other about 60% and the part that you expect to get back from your lover, about 40% when the expectation of receiving back from each other is not There are many It will make it less likely that the problem will occur. And also allow each person to use their own time. maintain a sustainable relationship

Then there may be some people wondering why the proportion is not divided into 50-50, which is equal to each other, isn’t it better? But this way of thinking might not be successful. Because when each party feels that The time must be equal. It will be observed that the other party will give us how much. and then we only make it back which the couple lives in reality It’s not something that you have to sit 50-50 all the time. Of course, there will always be parties that have to make more sacrifices, so be on the lookout for your relationship with your partner. for stability in a lasting relationship

Finally, I still emphasize that Stability is still a necessity that everyone should have in life. whether it is financial stability job security Security in terms of physical and mental health including stability in relations with those around you Which, when we can make ourselves stable in various fields, believe that our lives will definitely change for the better.


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