10 activities to create happiness and peace

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What is it that makes us humans happy?

Acquiring a good job, a lot of money, a famous reputation suitable partner or more powerful than anyone Is that so? So why is it that some people we see that their life is bad but can still be happy? What are the factors of happiness? Have you ever wondered like me? If so, let’s find out together.

10 activities to create happiness and peace (Can do it yourself)

“Everyone on this planet wants to be happy. But it’s strange that many people don’t dare to admit that. I want to be happy even more.”

The opening preamble of Dr. Waranya Saad-iam Ritennis’ book Happy for No Reason by Marci Shimoff is a short sentence that made me want to write a story about creating happiness and peace. for myself to share with everyone

The question is, how do you do it? We will be happy by ourselves. which is not only relying on external factors that are ephemeral Because when everything you expect is not what you think and wish. You can still be happy and deal with it in a calm state of mind.

And this is an activity that creates happiness that I would like to recommend you to try and follow. This is an activity that can develop the mind and happiness in itself. And you will find that lasting happiness and peace can easily happen by yourself. Not from any external factors at all, as many successful people have discovered.

#1 Start with exercise.

Did you know that the human body can make natural morphine on its own? By doing activities that are happy and relaxing. which are simple activities that can stimulate endorphin hormones or happy substances that are like natural morphine

That is, getting exercise or playing a favorite sport.

Try to start by moving your body at least 5 days a week for 20 minutes or more by walking, running, aerobics, or Chinese boxing. See, and you will discover that the body can create happiness from within. quite

#2 Play your favorite sport

In addition to starting with exercise to warm up your health. The endorphins in the body work best when we are satisfied with our activities.

Therefore, exercise by choosing a sport that you like, unless you are happy from having a stronger health. Concentration and learning to play sports that you like also affects the mind. Makes you feel positive when under stress as well.

However, these activities may be accompanied by minor accidents, so it is recommended to find accessories to prevent injuries for exercising.

If you want to try to learn more, try. Check out the sports equipment on Lazada.

# 3 Drawing

Did you know that the nature of colors helps to detox our emotions and feelings in our minds? And the painting activity has become another activity that can create great happiness from releasing something under the mind.

The important thing is to be able to freely paint and paint. Expressing your emotions without regard to logic will calm your mind. And unbelievable that it makes you feel more open, airy, amazingly comfortable.

Let’s try to choose a picture that interests you from simple color equipment or start from a drawing book, it’s quite interesting, isn’t it? In this era there are many interesting paintings. You can draw either a blank paper book or paint by numbers. You can see examples on Lazada.

#4 Planting trees, making a beautiful garden

Planting trees is another very useful activity. Whether it’s using free time to benefit, saving the world, helping to relieve stress. As a result, the body secretes happy substances and creates peace for the mind, which is quite incredible.

because of looking at the beautiful green or colorful garden that we create by ourselves Can help heal the mind very well and the more you take care of him to grow, bloom, the more beneficial it is for the heart. Which you can easily choose cute plants for the garden area that you want to arrange through

Take a look at this beautiful home decor tree. The price is not strong here on Lazada.

#5 Read a book (that calms the mind)

Do you believe that reading That seems difficult and boring. But when you step into the circle of book readers. It is an addictive drug that is very beneficial for the body and mind.

You won’t believe how wonderful a book can heal your soul. both help reduce stress It also stimulates the brain and mind in a good way as well. Plus, reading a good book can help you focus better. because of the inner peace that comes from the concentration of reading

And there are many good books to choose from too. Try to find them here. You can see it on Lazada.

#6 Easy meditation by yourself

In the biography of many successful people in life. Be it a businessman or a celebrity. All agree that meditation is an activity that creates happiness and peace of mind effectively. and many people who encounter obstacles in life

Meditation is one way to help hold your mind to overcome those obstacles as well. Now that you know this, try to create happiness from within in a simple way by meditating.

I once wrote an article on Mindfulness, a Western concept of mindfulness and meditation. If interested, I recommend you to read and study here. What is Mindfulness?

#7 Practicing yoga to solve internal and external problems

Yoga is another activity that can be done by yourself. that in addition to helping to balance the body Strong and in good health It also helps to balance the emotional and mental state as well.

And of course, this is another easy way you can choose to create lasting happiness and peace that comes from within, relying only on your own body and a mat. It can be played anytime and anywhere.

If anyone who wants to practice yoga and looking for accessories like a yoga mat Recommended to try and choose in this link. You can see it on Lazada.

#8 Cycling

The latest findings from the Lancet journal tested millions of volunteers. All confirmed that cycling is one of the top stress-relieving activities.

Cyclists feel 21.6% less mentally ill than the average person, and it also slows down aging at a cellular level better than the average person. which is a result that is better for the mind than being healthy At this point, let’s look for a good quality bike to ride for happiness. And in

There are a lot of bike accessories. If you want to try to start cycling. Check out this link on Lazada.

#9 Cooking a simple meditation activity

Cooking is an activity that strengthens family relationships. And it can create incredible happiness and satisfaction when your loved ones have enjoyed their culinary skills and complimented them.

It may be a small thing, but it has great sentimental value and can help reduce stress from external stressors.

When you are stressed, try grabbing the cooking utensils and jumping into the kitchen to smear your favorite menu. And now he has developed cooking equipment such as pots and pans that allow us to easily cook a variety of dishes as well.

You can try to choose in Lazada.

#10 Feed your favorite little animal.

If you look at it superficially, pets are a life burden that requires high responsibility. But that brings happiness and contentment from taking care of them. It also helps relieve loneliness and stress from the outside world as well.

In addition to pets will help make you happy. They can also be incredibly healing to calm your mind. And to take care of them to have good health with us for a long time. It would inevitably come with choosing good food for him as well.

If it’s a pet I would like to recommend this blog that collects a lot of knowledge about raising animals. If anyone loves animals I recommend you to read this article on Petival.com.

All activities mentioned above I believe everyone can do it. Just get up and do it. The results are more than just better physical and mental health, but it also unconsciously calms us down. And it is the answer to the question What to do? We will be happy by ourselves. which is not from external factor


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